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Facts to Check Before Check-In to the Best Hotels for Couples in Noida?

best hotels for couples in Noida

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you might look for a way to celebrate it with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Many couples don’t like to celebrate it in public or spend their time on something that won’t be worth their time, they might find the public places too noisy to listen to their partner’s beautiful voice. 

Therefore, you might decide to spend your time in an affordable hotel in Noida with your partner, but have you checked a few facts before booking your hotel? Worry not; let’s jump into the blog and learn the few facts every unmarried couple should check before making reservations in one of the best hotels for couples in Noida. 

What Is Couple-Friendly Hotels? 

Couple friendly hotels in Noida are the hotels where unmarried couples are allowed to stay only after showing their ID proofs. The ID proof is a very important document to validate the couple’s age and verify that they are above 18 years old. Many affordable hotels in Noida do not allow unmarried couples to be accommodated, but Hotel Akash Palace is one of the best hotels for couples in Noida if the couple is willing to share their ID proof with them. 

Fact Check Before Making Hotel Reservation

Hotel Respects your Privacy

When you book a hotel, you should always consider that the hotel provides you with your privacy. And for that, you don’t have to reserve your room in a standard hotel, where you can listen to the high volume television from the room next to you or the children crying, instead, you should book your room with a hotel that caters to only couples. Couple friendly hotels in Noida give more importance and show great respect towards your privacy.

Hotel That Accepts Same City Booking

Couple friendly hotels in Delhi accept same-city bookings irrespective of your location. Before reserving a room online, check if the hotel accommodates couples from the same city. Call the hotel and confirm before booking, as many times the hotels mention that they allow same-city couples but reject you when you check-in.

Best Hotels for Couples in Noida Provides Special Services for Couples

When traveling with your partner, you want to enjoy each other’s company, thus the accommodations should be picked with this in mind. When developing their rooms and services, the best hotels for couples in Noida will consider their preferences. King-size mattresses, a carpeted floor, a spacious closet, a shower, soft lighting, and a large window to look through are all features that will enhance your romantic getaway. Free drinks or breakfast for two, 24-hour room service, and a fully stocked minibar are all considerate details that will enhance your stay together.


Are you bored of your hectic life and want to spend some quality time with your Valentine? Get in contact with us. Hotel Akash Palace is one of the top couple-friendly hotels in Noida. We also consider your budget, which is why we are known as one of the Affordable hotel in Noida. You can easily afford our hotel rates. So, what are you waiting for? Book a stay at our hotel and revitalize your romance.